The Serengeti

One of my duties was to replace the lodge manager at our lodge in the Serengeti. Well you can imagine I was always super happy when that happened. To be there is just magic as the lodge was around 45 minutes away from the next fixed building and therefore nature was all around us. Sometimes scary as the baboons walked freely around the staff accomodation. OK they don`t do anything but still… We had Maasai warriors as security and it was always amazing to listen to their stories. They use a special paste to ensure the lions don`t attack them. You don`t believe it works? Have a look at the Video. Once the Maasai chief invited me to a lion hunt, which I of course refused. I was not worried so much about the lions but all the other little things crawling around. Black mambas, green mambas etc.

Well don`t let me scare you away from this beautiful country and just have a look at the pictures

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